MADMEC History

MADMEC 2022:

MADMEC winner identifies sustainable greenhouse-cooling materials

1st Place: SmartClime; photochromic glass coatings

2nd Place (tie): YarnZ; degradable nano-fiber yarns

2rd Place (tie): WasteAway; smart waste bin monitoring device

MADMEC 2019:

Biodegradable plastic alternative, bacteria to help plastic break down, and low-cost sensors for farmers

1st Place: ecoTrio, biodegradable plastic alternative

2nd Place: PETTIGREW, bacteria-assisted in plastic degradation

3rd Place: Radio Star, low-cost sensors for agriculture

MADMEC 2018:

Water filtration systems, metal fatigue resistance, and boron production 

MADMEC 2017:

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MADMEC 2016:

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MADMEC 2015:

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MADMEC 2014:

AquaFresco's start-up page:

CoolComposites start-up page:


MADMEC 2013:

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Wristify's start-up page: (Page 12)


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MADMEC 2011:

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MADMEC 2010:


MADMEC 2009:

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MADMEC 2008:

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MADMEC 2007:

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