MADMEC Mentioned in ASM International

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"Michael Tarkanian, senior lecturer in MIT’s department of materials science and engineering, is the competition organizer for the annual MADMEC contest. MIT students present oral and poster demonstrations explaining inventions they designed over the summer to solve a range of sustainability issues. This year’s winning team called A Salt Solution won $10,000 for a model of a simple, low-cost hydrogel for uranium mining in seawater. A number of former MADMEC competitors have started companies based on their inventions. Clear Motion (formally Levant Power), the third-place winner at the first MADMEC in 2007, later raised $130 million to build shock absorbers that enhance vehicle handling while producing electricity to improve efficiency. Embr Labs, 2013 winner, sold nearly half a million dollars’ worth of preorders for its marketable thermoelectric wristband that cools and heats the body." - ASM International.