2017 Schedule


May 31: Proposals Due; email to tarky @ mit.edu by 5PM

June 15: Checkpoint 1: Project Review

June 26: Visit to Saint Gobain

June 29: Design Event 1: 3D Printing

July 13: Checkpoint 2: Feasibility Study

July 27: Design Event 2: Laser Cutter

August 10: Checkpoint 3: Alpha Prototype 

August 24: Semi-Finals (Beta-Prototype)

September 15: Design Event 3: Water Jet

September 29: Checkpoint 4: Fine Tuning

Oct. 10: MADMEC  Finals


DESIGN EVENTS: Mini-contests over the summer. Winning teams get $500 prize.

Meant to expose you to prototyping tools, test your design and engineering skills. Will take a few hours of your time every month.